Would you give your 8 yr old Botox?

When I read the story about Kerry Campbell, a mom who gives her 8-year old daughter Botox, my first reaction was, ‘Seriously?? WTF?’

After getting past the title, which took me a good half hour of shaking my head, my second reaction was, ‘Wow! That is one messed up mother / daughter relationship.”

Seriously, woman…learn how to say “No.”

It’s easy, it was the 4th word in my child’s vocabulary when she learned to speak. It came right after Mama, Daddy, and, unfortunately, “sh-t”.

My kid asks for a lot of things. She once asked me if she could cut apples on her own with a very sharp knife. I said “No”. To logical thinking, caring parents, that wouldn’t require any explanation, but it since this topic is about mothers who would give their 8 year old Botox treatments, I’ll just go ahead and break it down. That would be a “Hell No” to 4 year olds waving around sharp knives, just in case they slice fingers or other body parts off instead of apple parts.

This mom apparently fails in the ‘no’ department when it comes to her child.

My last reaction was, “What a sad little girl.”

I understand wanting to improve yourself. I understand the desire to be better, the drive to succeed, the push to win. There’s always the sweet, but naive, voice saying ‘love who you are’, but we all know that doesn’t apply when it comes to losing a few pounds, or toning up your ass, or applying just the right shade of lipstick.

People who succeed in this world are those who take life by the balls and go after what they want. It’s survival of the fittest and being well-groomed and having the right put-together look is part of it.

That being said, this is a sad world we live in where an 8 yr old girl is worried about having wrinkles. How did she get that way? Is it the pressure of being in pageantry industry? Is it her crazy mother who has brought down her self-esteem so much that she believes she needs all of these ‘treatments’ to be beautiful? Is it the media for depicting beauty as the size 2 anorexic model with fake tits? Or the toy industry for making Barbie? What do you think?

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