Seriously…what are people thinking??

At the end of January, there was a mom who was arrested in Atlanta for robbing a bank. The headlines read: “High school students skip school to rob bank with mom”. Today, there was another article about an alleged drug dealer bringing his 4 kids along for a delivery. I realize that these are extremes, … Read More.


Finding youth sports for your toddler.


Living in Atlanta where summers are unbearably hot, it’s hard to find things that our 3 year old wants to do outside the house. This summer, my goal was to engage her in activities to help her get out more to interact with other children her age. The challenge was making sure that it was … Read More.


Why Does Diego Get all the Cool Toys?


Being a techie mom, I love all things gadgety. One of my favorite cartoons growing up was Inspector Gadget. While other women may drool over diamonds and the latest in handbag fashion, I asked for the newest gaming keyboard for Mother’s Day and a Flip Video Mino HD Camcorder. So, when I catch glimpses of … Read More.


My Toddler’s Addiction to Dora


After the millionth time that Sara asked to watch Dora, I began to suspect that the TV show Dora was being laced with subliminal messages like they used to do in movie theaters to make you think you were thirsty. I figured it out, it’s a conspiracy! Those big hypnotic eyes, and crazy happy smile … Read More.


The Concept of Responsibility


The season finale of the TV show “24″, got me thinking about a big parenting question for me. For those of you who don’t watch the show, here’s a brief summary: The US President’s daughter hired someone to kill the man who had killed her brother (the President’s son). While the daughter had second thoughts … Read More.