On Choosing Baby Names

On discovering we were pregnant, one of the first books I got was on baby names. My husband and I really try not to belabor inconsequential things. When you’re commuting 3 hours / day, thinking of a new career path while you’re growing by cubic feet daily, it didn’t seem like finding the name was a huge deal.

I remember asking my dad if I could change my name from Alethea. Aletha, Althea, Urethra were just some of the annoying mispronunciations I suffered through growing up so I knew I wanted to give her a traditional name. The less ammunition that other kids have on you, the less trauma childhood will be. Our process was simple.

When I told Josh it was time to sit down and decide on a name, we sat down with our name book to consider a few. He told me about listening to Neal Boortz talking about baby names. During Mr. Boortz’s talk show, he discussed different baby names and how they affected people through different stages in their lives and that choosing the wrong name may hurt your child when it came to their careers.

According to Mr. Boortz, most of the top CEOs in the country has classic names.

Not wanting to limit our little baby from anything she wanted to do in life by misnaming her, we looked up a few of the top female CEO names and decided on Sara Catherine. The conversation took a total of 30 minutes and it’s interesting how the name suits her. Who would have thought that deciding on a name would be so easy?

What was your naming process?


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