“Dinner Impossible”

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to go shopping for a party of 25, make goody bags, and make food in 1 hour!” — Planning a party for me feels like something out of a Food TV show. The clock ticking down with every possible thing going wrong while trying to keep level headed about it all.


I love parties and get togethers. I love to cook and share great food with good friends. I even enjoy planning these fun events. What I don’t like is the work that goes into them!

For a small Easter Egg Hunt for 25 people, it’s taken me almost 3 weeks of preparing. I had a detailed plan of what we were going to do, when it started to fall apart…

The plan was simple.

  1. Drop off our broken lawnmower 2 weeks before the party at the repair guy to ensure that we get it back in time to cut the grass and do yardwork for the Easter Egg Hunt. – This would have been fine, had it not rained for the past 2 weeks, the repair guy was 2 weeks late with his repair estimate, and it was scheduled to rain for most of the week before the hunt.
  2. Clean the house in stages throughout the week before the party. – Once again, fine had we not had to go buy a cheap lawnmower and do all of the yard work on the only 2 sunny days in 3 weeks before the party which pushed everything back on schedule.
  3. Buy food and menu items a few days before the party to get the food prepped.
  4. Put together goody bags and Easter Eggs for the hunt.

As I drove home with the back of our car stocked full of party supplies, I realized that step 3 and 4 were going to be a scheduling issue. The cupcakes were a disaster and looked like different sized mushrooms from Alice in Wonderland. Some goody bags were disproportionately filled with candies from Sara’s version of a “three”. In her defense, she did put only 3 in the bags, but it was how many times she put 3 in that made it disproportionate.

Luckily, we still have a few days until the Easter Egg Hunt. Tune in next week to see if the plan will fall into place or if Allie will have a failed mission! If it was easy, it wouldn’t be…”Dinner Impossible!”

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