Seriously…what are people thinking??

At the end of January, there was a mom who was arrested in Atlanta for robbing a bank. The headlines read: “High school students skip school to rob bank with mom”. Today, there was another article about an alleged drug dealer bringing his 4 kids along for a delivery. I realize that these are extremes, … Read More.


The Concept of Responsibility


The season finale of the TV show “24″, got me thinking about a big parenting question for me. For those of you who don’t watch the show, here’s a brief summary: The US President’s daughter hired someone to kill the man who had killed her brother (the President’s son). While the daughter had second thoughts … Read More.


Cheap Things to do While School’s Out for Summer


When we found out that the last day of Sara’s 2 day / week preschool was coming up, I started to scrambling to find fun summer stuff that Sara could do. Being work-at-home-parents to a high-energy toddler, we wanted to make sure that she was occupied. Hanging out with a bored 2 year (almost 3 year) old is not our idea of fun. Most camps are only for 5 year olds and up, so we had to be somewhat creative for our little one and with the economy the way it is, money is always an issue, so we had to find things that our little girl would enjoy that was also cheap!


How to Discuss Race Questions with your Child


As a Filipino living in good ol’ boy country, I sometimes wonder if our child is getting the exposure to diversity. The area we live in is fairly barren of any diversity. I grew up as an American, and aside from enjoying Filipino food, my culture has been pretty much lost on me. My husband … Read More.


Tips on introducing your newborn to an established pet.


Barley’s stomach is making sounds like a fighting squirrel as he lays down next to my desk and I’m brought back to the day I brought our first “child” home. Barley, our German Shepherd, is our first child. We had gotten him from a friend as a 6 week old puppy 8 years ago. Neither … Read More.