RIP “The Peaceful Shit”


One thing that pregnancy books neglect to tell you when your precious little bun is in the oven is that you will never again be able to take a peaceful shit. It’s not enough that you’re creating life and all the wonder and joy that stems from doing so. It’s not enough that you feel like … Read More.


Tips on introducing your newborn to an established pet.


Barley’s stomach is making sounds like a fighting squirrel as he lays down next to my desk and I’m brought back to the day I brought our first “child” home. Barley, our German Shepherd, is our first child. We had gotten him from a friend as a 6 week old puppy 8 years ago. Neither … Read More.


On Choosing Baby Names


On discovering we were pregnant, one of the first books I got was on baby names. My husband and I really try not to belabor inconsequential things. When you’re commuting 3 hours / day, thinking of a new career path while you’re growing by cubic feet daily, it didn’t seem like finding the name was … Read More.