A Letter to Enterprise Rent-A-Car from a Pet Lover


Dear Enterprise Rent-A-Car, I was unpleasantly surprised to find out when I returned my rental car, that you don’t allow pets in your vehicles. Of course, this was while my dog was in the back seat, awaiting a ride to my car that was in the shop. I was informed kindly by your employee that … Read More.


Sara #gynovisit: “What’s that?” Me: “That’s birth control. People use that so they don’t accidentally have babies.” Sara: “Where does it go?” Me: “In the vagina.” Sara: “Ewwww. I bet that’s used. Don’t touch it.”


Sara: “Mama, can you give me some division problems?”   Me: “No, it’s too early for division.”


RIP “The Peaceful Shit”


One thing that pregnancy books neglect to tell you when your precious little bun is in the oven is that you will never again be able to take a peaceful shit. It’s not enough that you’re creating life and all the wonder and joy that stems from doing so. It’s not enough that you feel like … Read More.


“Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. You should always figure things out for yourself.” ~ Sara the 6yr old