A Letter to Enterprise Rent-A-Car from a Pet Lover

SkyeDear Enterprise Rent-A-Car,

I was unpleasantly surprised to find out when I returned my rental car, that you don’t allow pets in your vehicles. Of course, this was while my dog was in the back seat, awaiting a ride to my car that was in the shop. I was informed kindly by your employee that due to allergies, you do not allow pets in your vehicles at all. In fact, you are so against having pets in your cars that you charge a $75 fee to detail vehicles that have had pets in them.

This came as a surprise to me because when I worked for Enterprise Rent-a-Car 17 years ago, there was no such rule or fee. During the time I worked for Enterprise, I remember a single vehicle that was returned with a lot of dog hair. One. During that same time, I remember vehicles brought back with assorted trash, items, blood, semen, vomit and even chunks of a turkey. Yes, bloody turkey chunks. Most often, renters with children were the biggest perpetrators of trashing vehicles. We never once charged them a fee for being slovenly human beings.

On an aside, and to cover all your bases, I’m allergic to perfume. You should have a clause in your rental agreement that people should not wear perfume when renting a car from you.

Please excuse my outrage when you try to fine me $75 for not leaving my dog in a crate while I go run a quick errand in your car with cigarette burn holes in the seat. Did you charge that renter $75, or is the willful burning of cigarette holes in seats covered in your ‘damage waiver’? I realize that in the US, dogs are often seen as animals to be left outside, chained up to a tree until they die of loneliness, but in my household they are a part of my family. I know this comes as a shocker to some, but that includes bringing him out in the car!

So, for you and all the other pet discriminating companies out there, here’s one pet owner who will take her business elsewhere when it comes time to rent a car.


Alethea Young
Pet Owner


  1. Nextcar, Alamo, and Hertz have the same policy. It’s a shame….who goes away for the weekend without the DOG!!!!!!!! I don’t!!! Also….I HATE perfume/strong aftershave, FABREEEEEZE, etc…it gives me a migraine…so I agree with you there too!!!!

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